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Benecol to empower cholester lowering

Benecol is a 20-year-old cholesterol-lowering brand and one of the first functional foods in the world. Today Benecol is helping dozens of millions of consumers to manage their cholesterol levels daily across almost 30 different markets.

Raisio invests in Benecol brand.

Raisio is investing in growing the global partner network to license the brand. We sell plant stanol ester, a unique Benecol product ingredient, to our licensing partners. Licensing partners sell and market Benecol products made using plant stanol ester in their own markets. Next to the growing licensing business, Raisio sells and markets Benecol products to consumers in six countries called Raisio’s home markets. After buying the brand back from its long-term licensing partner Johnson & Johnson in UK, Ireland and Belgium, Raisio has been able to develop the brand in closer dialogue with the consumers than ever before.

Benecol is largely recommended

Benecol is an easy and effective solution to lower cholesterol.

Backed up by more than 70 clinical studies and the strongest possible EU health claim, the cholesterol lowering effect of plant stanol ester in Benecol is acknowledged by leading food safety authorities, such as the European EFSA and the US FDA, and also recommended by expert bodies like Atherosclerosis Society and European Society of Cardiology.

New products in the pipeline

To get the desired cholesterol-lowering effect Benecol should be used daily. Therefore Raisio wants to make sure that the use of Benecol is as easy as possible. We are carefully listening to the consumers to make sure that we are really meeting the consumer needs of today and tomorrow.

Benecol Soft Chew is the latest novelty.

As cholesterol is not the only topic on the consumers’ radar, Benecol wants to be the everyday partner to support consumers in holistic wellbeing. In practice this means providing inspiration and guidance about healthy lifestyle in addition to offering food products which not only taste good and lower cholesterol but also fit in the overall lifestyle of the consumer. Examples of this are new Benecol soft chews, food supplements that are conveniently travelling with the consumer, or a range of low fat and low sugar spreads and yoghurts.

Widening the product portfolio is one way to make Benecol consumption more relevant to wider audience so this remains to be one of Raisio’s focus areas in the near future. We continue our work to ensure that more new consumers with elevated cholesterol perceive Benecol clearly as a healthy food.

Consumer behavior is changing so Raisio will increasingly focus on finding the right distribution channels to help the consumers find their daily Benecol in the same places they are naturally visiting anyway.

Empowering journey in cholesterol lowering

Benecol’s vision is to offer innovative solutions to consumers globally.

The vision of Benecol brand is to offer innovative solutions to consumers globally to help them on their cholesterol-lowering journey. With the changes we have made on the brand communication and offering in 2016 are already paying off. The market share of Benecol is growing in all the key markets as well as the number of new users. This is an ensuring sign that the 20-year-old brand is vital and the careful brand refresh work that Raisio has done with the consumers will ensure that Benecol business will grow also in the future.