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Cholesterol lowering now easier also when travelling

Raisio actively develops its Benecol® product range so that it would be increasingly easy for consumers to lower their cholesterol. The food supplement Benecol Soft Chew launched in autumn 2016 is a new, convenient way to lower cholesterol for example during the workday or while travelling as it does not require cold storage.

With changing eating habits and today’s mobile lifestyle, consumers increasingly eat away from home. Since the efficacy of Benecol products is at its best when consumed with food, Raisio developed a new, portable Benecol product storable at room temperature. 

Lemon and lime flavoured Benecol Soft Chew food supplement is easy to pack as it is light and small. It is sweetened with xylitol and the daily dose, 3-6 Soft Chews, is taken with one or more meals, with or without water. 
The food supplement launched in the autumn has been well received. Unlike other Benecol products, Benecol Soft Chew is primarily sold by pharmacies. It is available in Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Poland and Holland as well as in Raisio’s online Oatlet Store that supplies goods within the European Union. 

Benecol products sold in Raisio’s home markets are mostly cold chain items. The best-selling products are Benecol minidrinks and spreads. Product diversification is an integral part of the renewed Benecol. We want to provide effective and tasty alternatives to lower cholesterol so that as many consumers as possible could find a suitable Benecol product. 

Raisio’s brand Benecol is a Finnish top innovation promoting people’s well-being in about 30 countries. It has helped millions of consumers to lower their cholesterol levels for over 20 years.