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A comfortable work environment improves employee interaction and work atmosphere

Work environment plays a significant role in the employee wellbeing and work routines. Raisio’s Benecol unit in Poland moved to new offices early 2016. Employee engagement, work climate and internal communication improved with the new open-plan office. 

Poland is one of Raisio’s biggest markets for Benecol products. At the beginning of 2016, over ten Raisio's office employees moved to an open office with better transport links. The open-plan office had many positive impacts. The bright office is in a modern building, with premises of other international companies. 

Workspace affects work routines

New premises with mainly open-plan space have changed work routines. The staff now have a common break room which has increased interaction among employees. 

Raisio employees in Poland appreciate team work and the flexibility of interaction.

With the open-plan office, internal communication has significantly improved. Members of different teams - customer service, finances, marketing and sales - now sit next to each other which makes communication easier. The number of internal emails has decreased considerably as people work together and communicate face-to-face. A sense of togetherness and work atmosphere have improved. 

Working in teams has increased, and there is more collaboration among people from different functions. Cross-functional teams can quickly respond to business needs and solve problems more effectively. 

Employee feedback has been very positive. They appreciate the flexibility of work routines, improved internal communication and the short commute.