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Consumers’ top wish list: healthiness and taste

Raisio’s goal is that two-thirds of its foods are healthier alternatives in their own categories. In 2016, the company defined the criteria for the healthiness of products, and more than 90 per cent of the year’s new products were healthier alternatives.

Consumers are increasingly interested in the nutritional value of foods and they want the food products to be tasty and healthy. Functional Benecol products have helped consumers to lower their cholesterol levels for over twenty years. In addition, Raisio has a wide range of wholemeal products containing the most nutritious parts of grains. The Elovena range includes delicious and fibre-rich oat snacks that show higher demand with the increasing snacking trend.

Raisio also makes confectionery, delights for consumers’ enjoyment. To meet consumer wishes, Raisio has developed confectionery that contains no artificial colours or flavours. 

Criteria for product healthiness

In 2016, as part of its responsibility programme, Raisio defined what kind of healthy products the company wants to develop – without compromising good taste. In all Raisio’s product categories, we set limits for nutritional values, taking into account the important factors concerning health. These limits are based on various expert groups’ recommendations, such as the criteria set for the Heart Symbol and Nyckelhålet Symbol. 

Wholemeal grain is packed with goodness: fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Raisio needed to set its own health criteria since, for example, the criteria for the Heart Symbol have not been defined for all Raisio’s product categories.  It is not possible to apply for the right to use the Heart Symbol on snack bars although there are very different bars on the market in terms of nutritional values. Raisio’s definition for healthiness emphasises the amount of wholemeal grain, fat quality and amounts of sugar and salt. 
The definition of healthy products is one of the factors guiding Raisio’s product development. In 2016, more than 90 per cent of the company’s new products met the criteria for healthier products. Of all the foods, over 60 per cent were healthier alternatives in their own categories. 

Health benefits from natural raw materials 

Raw materials of Raisio’s foods are mainly naturally healthy. The most significant raw materials used by the Group are grains, natural sources of vitamins and minerals.  All Raisio’s porridges, biscuits and breakfast cereals are wholemeal products. In 2016, wholemeal grains, particularly oats, were used in our new product categories, such as quarks and snack bars in the form of Raisio’s Elovena products. 
Raisio wants to provide products for everyday enjoyment and so the company’s entire product range is not expected to meet the health criteria.