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Leading through information results in more sustainable milk production

Modern barns generate plenty of information that results in more profitable and sustainable milk production. Internet of Farming also reduces the environmental impact of milk production. 

Milk increasingly comes from free-stall barns where one or several milking robots take care of the milking. A robot generates a large amount of data on, for example, the cow’s milking, activeness and production phase. Raisioagro developed a milking robot monitoring service so that the information gathered could be used more effectively.

Monitoring service is meant for farms using robotic milking; real-time data on the yields, feeding and health of dairy cows is gathered. Raisioagro’s experts analyse the data and prepare a report for the producer who can then optimise the feeding, improve milk yield and enhance economic profitability of the farm. This service is a concrete example of the opportunities offered by the Internet of Farming. 

The development of the service started in 2015 together with a few farms and milking robot manufacturers. With the innovation, the aim is to create added value through feeding plans and feeds as well as through specialists and investments made in a milking robot. 

Cattle welfare in focus

Raisioagro’s monitoring service uses cow-specific information gathered by the milking robot. Based on the data, it is possible to monitor, for example, the impacts of changed feeding on yield as well as their effects on the relationship between milk yield and feed costs. The report provides results regarding the entire cattle, while it is also possible to follow the yields of different animal groups or individual cows. 

Monitoring service - strengthening the partnership between Raisioagro and producers.

Only healthy cows produce a lot of milk. With the data analysis, it is possible to closely monitor the cow’s wellbeing, quickly detect anomalies and make necessary feeding changes. 

In addition, the feed efficiency improves as concentrated feed can be optimised faster with the silage used. As the feed efficiency improves, environmental impacts in relation to the milk produced in kilograms are reduced. 

Already more than 130 dairy farms, almost 15 per cent of the Finnish robotic milking farms, use the monitoring service, with very positive results. The energy-corrected milk yields of the farms involved have grown by 6.5 per cent on average resulting in higher producer milk income. 

Raisioagro is the strongest Finnish expert in the use of Internet of Farming. The company continues to further develop its milking robot monitoring and other services using digitalisation.