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Raisio - Good profitability, focus on growth

Raisio’s comparable EBIT of EUR 50.7 million in 2016 was a good performance in a situation where the exchange rate changes of the British pound had a negative impact of almost EUR 3 million on our EBIT and some EUR 20 million on net sales. With comparable exchange rates, Raisio would have reached clearly better comparable EBIT than in 2015.

The Board proposing the tenth consecutive dividend raise

Raisio’s Board of Directors will propose the Annual General Meeting a dividend of 17 cents per share for 2016. If approved, Raisio has increased its dividend for ten consecutive years. It is a rare accomplishment for a listed company.

Targeting profitable growth

Raisio’s Board has initiated work to renew the Group's strategy. The strategy creates a foundation for our future growth and success. The Board aims to complete the strategy work during May 2017. One key challenge is to turn the Brands Division’s declined net sales back to growth path.

Raisio targeting profitable growth 

In 2017, Raisio will invest in brands, product concepts, sales and marketing and in the enhancement of its operations. This will pave the way for future growth and success. Exchange rates will continue to significantly affect Raisio’s net sales and EBIT.

Megatrends provide opportunities for Raisio

For an international operator like Raisio, global megatrends offer first and foremost opportunities.  Sustainably produced, healthy and safe food of high-quality is related to many of these trends. Population growth, ageing, urbanisation, sustainable development and digitalisation are examples of the global megatrends.

Increasingly common snacking continues to be one of Raisio’s opportunities. As eating habits are changing and mobile lifestyles break traditional meal rhythm, an increasing part of the daily food intake is snacks. The demand for snacks is moving to ready and easy-to-use products, and the quality and healthiness of energy is becoming more and more important.  

Profitability through responsible operations

Wellbeing for people, animals and the environment

At the beginning of 2016, we started to implement our three-year Responsibility Programme concerning all the company’s operations. The themes of the programme – sustainable food chain, healthier food, and safety and wellbeing at work – will build a better future for all of us. We will continue our productive work for the wellbeing of people, animals and the environment.

In 2016, Raisio committed to the UN Global Compact sustainability initiative and its ten principles concerning human rights, labour practices, environment and corruption. We will continue to promote these principles in Raisio’s operations and value chain.

I would like to thank Raisio’s employees for their dedication and work well done. By working together, we will achieve profitable growth and make Raisio one of the best workplaces in Finland.

Jarmo Puputti
Raisio plc