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Responsible Code of Conduct and Policies  

Promoting responsibility and responsible way of operating are part of each Raisio employee’s work. Raisio’s vision and strategy guide Raisio’s responsibility work and its priorities are defined in our Materiality Assessment. Responsible course of action is defined by the Group’s principles and policies harmonised in 2016. 

Raisio’s Board of Directors approved the Raisio Code of Conduct in December 2016. It applies to all the Group's operations, employees, management as well as the Board and Supervisory Board. Raisio Code of Conduct guides our day-to-day work and sets a foundation for profitable and responsible operations. 

Raisio Group Code of Conduct

Policy on quality, environment, health and safety

Raisio Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct

In 2016, Raisio committed to the UN Global Compact’s sustainability initiative and its ten principles concerning human rights, labour practices, environment and corruption.

Advice on the ethics and legality of operations

Our ethical code is defined in Raisio Code of Conduct and our employees are provided regular training on these issues. In addition, Raisio employees can have confidential support in corporate ethics and legal compliance, primarily from their own superiors, the company’s legal department and Compliance Director.  

Employees are encouraged to report suspected or actual misconduct to the immediate superior or his/her superior. In 2016, Raisio updated its procedure of misconduct reporting. In order to address possible misconduct as early as possible, employees can report their observations of misconduct using a certain email address or anonymously mail a letter to Raisio’s Vice President of Legal Affairs, CFO or Compliance Director. Employees' reports of misconduct are always treated strictly confidentially.