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Healthy Snacks 2016 


Raisio’s Healthy Snacks is a business of almost EUR 100 million. Raisio focuses on healthy and ecological snacks. In 2016, Elovena successfully expanded into new product categories as new snack bars and quarks were launched. The products are natural, tasty and convenient snacks in line with consumer needs. Finland accounted for over 80% of net sales for Healthy Snacks business. 

Main events 

  • Net sales for the Elovena brand increased by almost 10% with good sales growth in new products.
  • Quarks and snack bars were the most significant new Elovena products.
  • Sales in gluten-free Provena products were at the comparison period level. 
  • Nalle brand was renewed to meet the needs of families with children. 
  • Sales in Nalle flakes and Sunnuntai flours declined as retailers invested in their affordable private label products.
  • In Russia, Raisio successfully adjusted the product prices of its Nordic flakes to exchange rate changes. Price increases resulted in decreased sales volume. 
  • Honey Monster brand was licensed from the beginning of July.
  • In August, Raisio divested its UK snack bar business.
  • Consumers’ interest in the health benefits of oats affected positively the oat product sales. 

Financial review 

EBIT for Northern European Healthy Snacks business was slightly lower than in the comparison year due to investments in brand renewals. In Finland, Raisio’s largest market, sales remained at the comparison period level but, as a whole, net sales for the Northern European operations were down from the comparison year. 

Raisio's focus on the development and marketing of its brands.

Eastern European operations continued good performance in the challenging market situation. In Russia, economic situation remained unstable as a result of exchange rate volatility, among other things. Net sales for the Russian operations increased slightly in local currencies, but decreased in euros. EBIT decreased both in euros and in the local currency but remained positive.  Eastern Europe accounts for some 10% of net sales for Healthy Snacks business.

Raisio discontinued the unprofitable UK snack operations by licencing its Honey Monster brand and by divesting its snack bar business.