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Elovena responses to consumers’ snack needs

As consumers’ everyday life has changed busier and more mobile, snacking has become an increasingly important way to take care of wellbeing. Elovena brand is developing and growing in line with consumer needs.

Up to 40% of daily energy from snacks

Following a traditional meal rhythm is not always possible for today's active consumers. That is why we take care of energy levels by staving off hunger with snacks or even by replacing meals with snacks. Easy, half-ready and ready solutions are helping a growing number of consumers during the day. Studies show that already some 40% of daily energy intake comes from snacks.

Consumers value the health benefits of oats

Besides convenience, the composition of snacks and quality of energy are increasingly important selection criteria. Consumers are increasingly aware of the good nutritional properties of oats; high fibre content, long-lasting energy and ability to balance blood sugar levels.

Traditional boundaries between product categories are blurring as the supply of snacks is growing. Today, all ready, half-ready, easy-to-use and on-the-go foods are perceived as snacks. Elovena, the market leader in oat products, offers a wide range of snacks as it has expanded from the traditional breakfast brand into a modern snack brand.

Elovena is a versatile snack brand.

Competition in the snack market has intensified while the number of snack manufacturing companies has increased. Retailers see snacks increasingly important and focus on them by growing the offering and by making shopping easier for consumers. Without the added value provided by the brand and products, it is not possible to succeed in the competition.

Raisio developing products in line with consumer needs

Our development work on brands and product range is based on the information obtained through the interviews of more than 5,000 consumers. Consumers look for energy boost, balanced blood sugar levels and digestive health. In addition to these factors, overall wellbeing is a growing selection criterion. Authenticity, naturalness and simplicity of products are becoming increasingly important selection criteria for today's consumers. These factors support the success of beneficial, natural oat products.

Consumers value authenticity and naturalness.

Over the years, oat has become a hit among consumers. Its annual consumption is already 6 kilos per each Finn. As the market leader in Finnish oat products, Elovena has accounted for a large part of this growth. Net sales for the Elovena brand have tripled over the last ten years, which is a good indication of effective and up-to-date development work. At the moment, we use about 40% of the Finnish oats. We will continue our development work and bring the health benefits of oats into new product categories.

Global markets also interested in oats  

Global demand for oat products is on the rise. Consumers in more and more markets are interested in oats that grows in the unique climate and clean Nordic environment. For over twenty years, Raisio’s Nordic brand’s oat products have been successfully exported to, for example, Russia. Studies show that the renewed Nordic brand is also raising great interest in Western Europe. Raisio will launch Nordic oat products in new markets.