10 years of rising dividends

Raisio's comparable EBIT of EUR 50.7 million was a good performance in situation where the exchange rate changes of the British pound had a clearly negative impact. Net sales were down from the comparison year due to the divestment of the UK snack business and exchange rate volatility. Raisio improved clearly its relative profitability.

* comparable   ** The Board of Directors' proposal to the AGM


50.7 M€

EBIT margin* 

11.6 %

Dividend proposal**


Return on investment 


Focus on wellbeing and sustainable food chain 

Raisio started the determined implementation of its three-year Responsibility Programme in 2016. We work ambitiously to promote sustainable food chain, healthier food, and safety and wellbeing at work. During the first year, the focus of the Responsibility Programme was on the development of sustainable procurement, healthier foods and harmonisation of processes and data management.


of the novelties are healthy

on the green list of WWF's Seafood Guide


Joined the UN's Global Compact Initiative


less landfill waste

Sustainable growth through innovation 

Raisio's innovations promote sustainability and profitability of the food chain. Baltic Blend feed innovation recycles the Baltic Sea nutrients and further reduces the environmental impact from the fish farming. Tuotostutka processes the milking robot data into profit. Raisioagro's feeding expertise and Internet of Farming increase productivity of dairy farms and ensure animal welfare.

Top innovation Baltic Blend Tuotostutka creating results
Unique feeding expertise Responsible Benella Rainbow Trout