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Wellbeing at work and competence development

Raisio promotes wellbeing at work by investing in the leadership and effective interaction. Employees’ competence development is supported through training, workplace learning and development of activities. Priorities for the skills development are defined on the basis of the business needs, human resources assessment and employee survey. In addition, personal development plans are agreed in performance appraisals. 

Main events in 2016

  • The Group spent EUR 420,000 (2015: EUR 550,000) on the employee training. In addition, employees were provided with several internal training events. 
  • Skills development efforts focused on the occupational training and development of internal activities as well as on the customer and consumer insight and issues related to work community, safety, information security and responsibility.  
  • On the basis of employee survey results, dozens of development projects were carried out to promote wellbeing at work.

Raisio continued to strengthen the customer and consumer insight, supervisory work and personnel communications by means of internal development. Employees were provided with coaching and information events that focused on Raisio’s topical issues and the development of the company in terms of responsibility, wellbeing at work and issues related to nutrition and product knowledge. Broad participation was enabled with remote connections. 

In Finland, managers of Raisio and some other companies attended a management and development training programme focusing on the business management and development. In addition, employees attended trainings related to the understanding of differences in people and different communication and interaction styles. 

Work induction continued to have a key role and it was particularly important in the Czech Republic where personnel turnover was high and the total number of employees increased considerably.
Raisio Group’s appraisal discussions covered 33 per cent (2015: 36 per cent) of the entire personnel. The company’s target is that all employees will have appraisal discussions every year with their superior. In the Finnish offices, performance appraisals covered almost 100 per cent. In the UK and Czech Republic, performance appraisals have been introduced gradually, starting with the management and key personnel. 

In Finland, Raisio’s cooperation with schools and institutes continued in the form of, for example, practical training period and final project, particularly among students working in the procurement function. Raisio also continued as a partner in the sixth graders’ Me & MyCity project.

Employee satisfaction 

Raisio carries out an employee survey every two years in order to allow sufficient time for development measures. The next survey will be conducted in the spring 2017. 

The measures initiated based on the 2015 survey results were continued during 2016. Superior work, communications, cooperation, induction and wellbeing at work were promoted with various development projects.


  • Based on the personnel survey of 2015, dozens of development projects were launched. The implementation of the projects was continued during 2016.
  • The scope of performance appraisals decreased by three percentage points, from 36 to 33 per cent.

Objectives for 2016-2018

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Continuous development of employees and the scope of performance appraisals toward the target of 100 per cent.