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Raisio’s personnel 2016

Competent and goal-oriented employees enable Raisio’s successful business operations. In order to secure its competitiveness, Raisio invested in the competence and well-being of its employees with numerous training events and internal development projects in 2016.

Main events in 2016

  • At the end of 2016, Raisio had 1,405 employees (1,787 at the end of 2015) in nine countries
  • With the UK’s snack business divestment, the number of employees decreased by some 450 persons; some 320 of them transferred to the new owner of Newport and Swindon plants.
  • In the Czech Republic, the number of employees grew by some 90 persons as a result of the increased demand for confectionery. 
  • At Raisioagro, lean management philosophy and continuous improvement tools and processes were introduced.
  • Raisio Code of Conduct for the entire staff and administration was updated and related training events started at the end of 2016.

Raisio regularly reviews market salaries in order to maintain its competitiveness. In 2016, Raisio’s wages and fees from continuing operations totalled EUR 58.0 (2015: 77.2) million including other personnel expenses.
In the Czech Republic, competition for skilled labour intensified as the industrial production increased in the Rohatec region. To ensure competitiveness as well as availability and stability of the workforce, Raisio raised the factory workers’ wage levels in 2016.

Raisio complies with local collective agreements, regulations and laws related to work in the countries where the company operates.