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Raisioagro is a feeding expert

Raisioagro’s strength is its ability to innovate products that promote sustainable development and meet customer needs. Feeding expertise and high-quality feeds meeting the farm needs improve the profitability of farms in line with objectives while ensuring animal welfare. 

Restructuring of milk farms continued in Finland

Despite the lowering number of Finnish milk farms, the number of dairy cows did not substantially decrease since some of the farms carried out extension investments. The key change impacting the feed market was that the number of TMR feeding farms and robotic milking farms continued to grow. TMR feeding means that all feed components are mixed with silage and a cow is given only one feed mixture.

As the challenging economic situation continued, milk farms continued their shift to more affordable feeds of lower added value. The main reasons for the milk farmers’ challenging economic conditions are the Russian ban on imports of dairy products and the subsequent drop in the producer price of milk in Finland.

Benemilk added value feeds are mainly used at the robotic milking farms where farmers are satisfied with the added value they have received for their milk production. At the end of 2016, some six per cent of all Finnish dairy cows were fed with Benemilk feeds.

Benemilk feeds have an established position in Finland

Raisioagro did not get involved in the aggressive price competition but focused on extending the expertise of sales employees, targeted marketing, developing of the product range corresponding customer needs and digital services.

Russia's economic challenges and weakening liquidity of dairy farms reduced Raisioagro’s cattle feed sales to Russia. Russia is investing in its own milk chain, which means that the need to improve the quality of milk and to raise the yield levels will increase the demand for feeding expertise consultation. Due to its advanced expertise, Raisioagro has a strong potential to increase its exports to Russia.

Internet of Farming is digital pioneering

Raisioagro continued its strong investment in the development of digital services. As part of the Internet of Farming project, Raisioagro changed its milking robot monitoring into Tuotostutka®. At the end of 2016, already 130 farms with over 10,000 cows were in the monitoring programme. With Raisioagro’s real-time optimisation of cattle feeding, the average milk yield has increased by almost six per cent.

Raisioaqua’s fish feeds promote sustainable development

Fish are cold-blooded, so growth conditions play a key role in the farming. Raisioaqua’s range has fish feeds for many different species. The feeds for rainbow trout are by far the largest segment. The season for fish feeds is from spring to autumn as fish are virtually not fed in winter.

Raisioaqua is the only Finnish fish feed manufacturer. The key markets are Finland and Northwest Russia. Exports account for about 60 per cent of all fish feed manufactured.

Baltic Blend is Raisio’s fish feed innovation

Raisioaqua’s forerunner position in fish feeds is based on the close cooperation with fish farmers as well as on sustainable innovations, which have significantly reduced the environmental impacts from fish farming.

In the summer 2016, Raisioaqua launched Baltic Blend fish feeds and strengthened its position as a forerunner in the environmentally friendly fish farming in Finland and Northwest Russia. Raisioaqua’s most significant investment included the development and launch of the Baltic Blend feed.

As a raw material, Baltic Blend feeds use fishmeal and oil made from herring and sprat fished from the Baltic Sea; fishmeal and oil are processed in Finland. Fishmeal and oil for Raisioaqua’s feeds are made by Raisio’s important partner in Kasnäs, Finland.

With the Baltic Blend feeds, nutrients are not brought to the Baltic Sea from elsewhere.

Healthy and responsible Benella Rainbow Trout

Sales season of sustainably produced, environmentally friendly Benella fish started in September. Benella fish are farmed using Raisoaqua’s feeds, and the sale proceeds of this quality fish ensure the profitability of fish farming industry.

Benella is responsibly farmed Finnish rainbow trout

The entry of Benella Rainbow Trout to the Finnish kitchens was boosted significantly as Kesko started to distribute Benella in October 2016. After a successful pilot period, Kesko quickly made the distribution nationwide. Benella Rainbow Trout is also available at Stockmann throughout Finland.

Benella product line was expanded with three new products. Raisioaqua has developed a contract farmer model for Benella farming and as a result, consumers get to know the name of the Benella farmer at the fish counter.