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Reporting period and the scope of reporting

Raisio reports on its corporate responsibility performance as a Group and the reporting covers all the Group's operations. The Group's boundaries include the parent company, Raisio plc, its subsidiaries and the subsidiaries owned by them that are listed in the notes to the financial statements. Key figures concerning food industry are reported without Raisioagro. Any deviations in the boundary are reported in connection with the key figures. 

Raisio's Corporate Responsibility Report includes the effects of the Group's own operations. We report on corporate responsibility once a year in connection with the Annual Report. This report concerns the financial period of 2016. Raisio's previous Corporate Responsibility Report was published in March 2016. 

Raisio plc's headquarters is located in Raisio, Finland.

Contact information

Please send your inquiries regarding the Corporate Responsibility Report at communications (at)