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Strategic objectives

Raisio’s vision is to be a forerunner in ecological and healthy snacks with leading brands and an active developer of sustainable food chain. The core of Raisio’s strategy is a whole that includes innovations and healthy, ecological snacks. In January 2017, Raisio’s Board of Directors initiated work to renew the Group’s strategy.

Raisio to renew its strategy

Raisio’s Board of Directors has initiated work to renew the Group's strategy. The strategy creates a foundation for Raisio’s future growth and success. The Board aims to complete the strategy work during May 2017.

Nosto: Raisio will publish its renewed strategy in May 2017.

In 2017, Raisio will invest in brands, product concepts, sales and marketing and in the enhancement of its operations. This will pave the way for future growth and success. Raisio’s key challenge is the Brands Division’s organic growth.


Main events in 2016

  • Benecol’s market position strengthened in the UK, its largest market.
  • Raisio licensed its Honey Monster brand in the UK
  • Raisio divested its UK snack bar business
  • Patent for Benemilk feeds in Finland
  • Raisio reduced Benemilk Ltd’s operations
  • Raisio is building a bioenergy plant in Finland
  • Raisio invested in a new fish feed line
  • Product range of cattle feeds was renewed to better meet milk farmers’ needs of more affordable feeds
  • The first Internet of Farming (IoF) application Tuotostutka® uses the data generated by milking robots and creates added value to milk farmers